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House data


The House Data file was rendered obsolete when the FEC began including additional summary information in the Candidate Summary file. This page is made available for historical purposes, but the House Data file will no longer be updated.

The House Data project contains detailed intra-cycle financial summaries for candidates for US House of Representatives since 2003. Last generated on strong>20101018.The most up to date house data file will always be downloadable from here.

Latest version of housedata: 20101018

The project was inspired by the FEC Candidate Summary, but has several important differences:

  • The House Data project only provides summaries for US House candidates, while the Candidate Summary has information on both House and Senate.
  • The House Data project provides summaries for every filing period - 4 times yearly + before and after an election-, where the Candidate Summary provides per-cycle totals.
  • The House Data project provides summaries dating back to the beginning of the 2004 election cycle, where the Candidate Summary only provides data on the 2010 campaign cycle.