Candidate Debt in CA-36 runoff

1 minute read

I've been digging into recently filed FEC reports and stumbled across something pretty interesting involving the Republican candidate Craig Huey in the runoff election for California's 36th congressional district. I've found that Huey has donated or loaned his campaign $883,000 since 3/24/2011. As of his latest F3 filing (coverage through 6/22/2001) the candidate had contributed or loaned his campaign $795,000, and the total receipts at that point were only $840,514.93. That means the candidate has contributed or loaned 95% of the total funds raised by his campaign. The candidate contributed another $88,000 on 7/7, bringing his overall total to $883,000.

I was sure I double counted, or the candidate misfiled something, but after looking at every report I believe the number is correct. The filing's for this candidate are a mess; several loan amounts are reported twice, and every single Form3 filing had to be amended, four times in his pre-special filing. All the fec forms for candidate Huey can be found here, and forms with loans by or contributions from the candidate can be found below.

I looked at two different types of filings to find this information: I used the Schedule C line 10 documents from Form 3 (notice of receipts and disbursements) quarterly, pre-special, and pre-runoff filings. I also used the Form 6 (48-hour notice) filings that have been piling up since 6/24.

Huey certainly isn't the only candidate to finance his own campaign, but I think this might be a record for a runoff election in the US House. Anybody have any information on that?