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Mapping the Iowa GOP 2012 Caucus Results

4 minute read

Introduction On Tuesday January 3rd 2012 the Iowa Republican party held it's presidential caucuses, with Mitt Romney beating Rick Santorum by 8 votes as of n...


FECHell 0.2.0 Released

less than 1 minute read

My FEC report parsing gem has been upgraded to version 0.2.0, and now supports the latest FEC filings (7.0).

Donor analysis in R - Smith for Congress

8 minute read

In a previous post I introduced the Smith for Congress data set. The data is 49k contributions made by individuals to a congressional campaign for the 2006-...


Voter targeting with R

13 minute read

Voter targeting for turnout is the process of scoring registered voters using demographic and electoral variables taken from voter lists and commercial datab...

New FECHell 0.1.9

1 minute read

Our FEC report file library FECHell has been updated to 0.1.9. The release includes a half dozen bug fixes and the following new features: Speed improvemen...

Mapping MA election results

2 minute read

The Swing State Project recently had some very interesting maps comparing last week's election results from Massachusetts to 2008 presidential primary result...


Aggreate electoral targeting with R

18 minute read

Aggregate electoral targeting is the process of determining the likely hood of a citizen choosing to vote turnout), and which candidate that person is most l...

Im A Republican Because Visualized With R

1 minute read

permalink: /archive/:year/:month/:day/:title.html layout: single status: publish published: true title: ‘“I’‘m a Republican because…”, visualized with R’ aut...

Apps for America contest winners announced

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday the winners of the Sunlight Labs Apps For America contest were announced and I'm really excited to see that my entry Expendicus got an honorable me...