Offensive Politics

offensive politics uses technology and math to help progressives develop strategy, raise money and target voters to win elections.


Offensive Politics doesn't replace your finance directors, fundraisers, targeting managers, or call-time operators. We make them more effective by providing superior analysis and planning tools.

Voter Targeting

We help your field team contact the right voters by providing sophisticated prediction and segmentation tools, tailored to your data and updated constantly.


We will help your fundraisers raise more money faster by optimizing ask amounts and solicitation frequency with fundraising models customized for your campaign.

Strategic Planning

We will augment your campaign plan with aggregate precinct reports and individual turnout projections to help you reach the correct constituents and win your campaign.

Custom Analysis

From a US Senate seat to a city council, Offensive Politics can help your progressive campaign raise more money and target more efficiently. Contact Us today to talk about what we can do to help your team.


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Original research and open-source projects from Offensive Politics:

Smith for Congress

The Smith For Congress data set contains 49000 individual contributions for a single house campaign for the 2006, 2008, and 2010 election cycles.


fechell is an open-source ruby library for parsing electronically filed Federal Election Commission reports.

Individual Electoral Targeting

An example targeting registered voters in Ohio and forecasting turnout using logistic regression.

Aggregate Electoral Targeting

Applied aggregate targeting of a Virginia House Of Delegates seat in 2009 using only recent election returns.